98% of our customers find a non-alcoholic beer they love

I panicked.  You’re never quite sure if your ‘gut feel’ is going to be right or not.  “What if I’m just the odd one out?”

These are the thoughts that have been spinning around my head for the past few months, ever since I started researching the market for non-alcoholic beers.  I knew I hated the ones that are widely available, and I knew I loved about 50 others.  Surely the supermarkets and pubs don’t just happened to stock the bad ones?

So, I decided I was going to put it to the test.  I found a friend who “doesn’t see the point in non-alcoholic beer”, asked him what styles of beer he liked and sent him a case of 6 of the best non-alcoholic beers on the proviso he sent me ratings of them.  He loved 4 out of 6 of them and ordered a case of one of them.  A convert; but one swallow does not make a summer.

Time to up the ante: a full trial of 60 drinkers with little experience of non-alcoholic beers, to see if they liked the good ones.  The results of the research were astonishing:

  • 98% of participants found a beer they would like to drink again; and
  • 89% rated at least one beer as “excellent, one of my favourites”.

Many participants also sent me messages to say how their feelings towards non-alcoholic beer had completely changed and that they would be continuing to drink them for the long term.

So, yes, it turns out that the good ones often aren’t in the pubs, or the supermarkets! This isn’t so surprising for those that have studied the beer industry.  The big brands are the ones with the cash and influence to dominate the supply chains but they aren’t serious about making good quality non-alcoholic beers.

I’m pleased to say I’m not the odd one out after all.  As our research shows, there’s a whole world of amazing tasting non-alcoholic beers that pretty much everyone will like.  At Sobersauce we will source the very best of these, bring them to you, and help you discover the ones you love.

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