AF Cup 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven't read the launch post about the AF Cup yet, I suggest you do so here.  Below are more details about what is going on and when.


What is the the full timetable?

1 Nov         Live draw

13 Nov       2x Round 1 matches

14 Nov       2x Round 1 matches

15 Nov       2x Round 1 matches

16 Nov       1x Round 1 match

17 Nov       1x Round 1 match

18 Nov       Quater Final 1

19 Nov       Quarter Final 2

20 Nov       Quarter Finals 3 & 4

21 Nov       Semi-finals

22 Nov      The Final


Which beers are taking part?

The beers will be revealed between 24 October and the live draw on 1 November.


Tell me more about the tasting packs.

The boxes will contain 1x of each of the 16 chosen beers.  We expect approx £10 from each box to go to Royal Brompton & Harefield and the boxes are priced at £39.99 + P&P for all orders placed by the end of Thursday 5th November, or £44.99 + P&P after that.  The difference is down to the ability to bulk pack the boxes and £10 will go to RB&H in both cases.  Postage and packing will be £4.99.

They will begin to be shipped from Friday 6 November.


What will happen on the Instagram Live sessions?

They start at 7.30pm each night and we anticipate they will last for 30 minutes.  They will reveal the results of the previous night's match and have live tastings for the current night's match(es).


How can I vote?

Voting will be across Sobersauce and Guiltfreepints Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure to follow both of us to maximise involvement.


How did you select the beers?

Matt has tasted over 400 AF beers and I have tasted over 200 and we put our heads together to come up with a list of which we thought were the best tasting out there.  It was a hard task and we ended and we had a few rules to help us:

1. Only 1 beer from any brand / brewery

2. Include the bigger breweries IF it warrants it.

3. Make sure we could get hold of the beers so people could taste along.

So, we've sourced from outside the Sobersauce range to make sure we've got the best of the best.


Why did you choose Royal Brompton & Harefield?

In June 1987 at 10 weeks old Matt underwent life saving heart surgery in the expert hands at Harefield Hospital in North London.  The nursing, surgery and support staff were there to reassure his parents throughout every step of the way.  Since then he returned for regular check-ups at Harefield and Royal Brompton to ensure things remained in good working order all the way up to his most recent surgery to undergo a valve replacement operation at a different hospital in Amsterdam following relocation.

This is just one person's story of thousands that the RBHT have played a huge part in over the years it has been operating.  They provide world-class care to thousands of heart and lung patients each year, and to support the hospitals' pioneering work in heart and ling disease diagnosis, treatment and research.

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