Meet the Brewery - Braxzz Brewery

How did Braxzz brewery come about?

Braxzz was started by a small Dutch & British team. The two Dutch partners were big beer fans, but had started to realise that, as they grew older, they were starting to look at their weekly alcohol content and it was time to start reducing it. Disappointed by the choice of no/low beers they decided to make their own.

Why did you decide to start brewing a non-alcoholic beer? 

Disappointed by the lack of choice, quality and taste of no/low beers they decided to make their own. The priority being “Zero Compromise” on taste and quality.  

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What is unique about your beer?

We were the first no/low alcohol beer to appear at CAMRA(Campaign for Real Ale) Great British Beer Festival. Gluten Free and Vegan. The first “flavoured” no/low IPA on the market


What has been the most difficult challenge in producing a non-alcoholic beer that tastes good?

Managing to create product which gives the drinker the true “mouth feel” of alcoholic beers. WE are delighted that we have achieved this through our own unique brewing process. Which has been so successful that we have been asked to supply our non alcohol base to one of the worlds biggest brewers for their own products.

In your opinion what does the future of the non-alcoholic beer category look like?

As the consumer continues to be more health and diet conscious, this market will continue to grow and thrive. As more players come into the market the range of products will further increase. I believe in 5 years this will be a mainstream category for the UKs major retailers. 

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