Meet the Brewery - Infinite Brewery

How did Infinite come about?

We launched Infinite Session in 2018 at Craft Beer Rising in London. Tom and I are beer lovers that wanted to keep drinking beer on our days off alcohol.  We just love the flavour and experience of drinking a great beer, but don’t always want the buzz, or the hangover.


Why did you decide to start brewing a non-alcoholic beer?

Like many people, before we started drinking NA beers, we’d only heard bad things about them. We tried a few, including some of the German wheat beers and were pleasantly surprised with the standard. They weren’t bad! That said, we thought we could do a things a bit differently - to create some beers a bit closer in style to what we were drinking in our local breweries in London. Nice flavoursome Pale Ale and hoppy IPAs, that sorta thing. 

What is unique about your beer?

We set out to make alcohol-free beers that taste as close as possible to the real thing, that are full of flavour and avoid that sweet after taste you get with a lot of alcohol-free beers at the time. 

So that makes our beers really sessionable, light but with body and flavour and not too sweet.


What has been the most difficult challenge in producing a non-alcoholic beer that tastes good?

It’s always a challenge as alcohol provides such good flavour and body, so you have to look to relocate that. Our journey started with us going to Weihenstephan in Germany to learn as much as we could about the different brewing processes and continued with us working with some London breweries to create a great Pale Ale.


In your opinion what does the future of the non-alcoholic beer category look like?

I hope beers will continue to improve and become more and more like alcoholic beers in taste. I expect we’ll see more niches opening up as the area grows and people focusing on different ingredients, flavours and production processes. We can’t wait!

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