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How did Lucky Saint come about?

Developing Lucky Saint was no easy task for our founder Luke. He travelled to three different countries, visited six different breweries and brewed over 60,000 litres of beer before finding the perfect recipe. Brewed in Bavaria using four simple ingredients - Pilsner Malt, Hallertau Hops, Bavarian Spring Water and our own single use yeast - Lucky Saint’s production follows age old Germany Purity Laws as well as innovative brewing processes to remove the alcohol. The result,  a full bodied, refreshing 0.5% pilsner style lager that tastes just like, if not better than the real thing.

Why did you decide to start brewing a non-alcoholic beer?

Before Lucky Saint, our founder Luke Boase always felt the proposition of an alcohol-free beer was so compelling, but the reality was disappointing. He couldn’t find a low alcohol beer that he genuinely enjoyed drinking or a brand that made him feel good about choosing to drink an alcohol-free beer - so he decided to create his own. 

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What is unique about your beer?

Lucky Saint doesn't taste like any other alcohol free  beer because it isn’t brewed like one. The combination of quality locally sourced ingredients and a unique vacuum distillation process which allows the beer to remain unfiltered, results in a full bodied biscuity malt flavour with a citrus finish that we think is unrivalled by any other alcohol free beer.

What has been the most difficult challenge in producing a non-alcoholic beer that tastes good?

For us, the initial stages of finding a brewery that believed in our ambitions of creating an unfiltered, alcohol free  beer that tastes just like a full strength beer was a challenge. At one point, an industry veteran told Luke he’d be “better off making fizzy drinks” but this didn’t stop him on his mission to  create the  perfect alcohol free lager. 

In your opinion what does the future of the non-alcoholic beer category look like?

The future of alcohol free drinks is really exciting, with consumer habits changing so fast. We’re a small team with big ambitions -  be the defining alcohol-free lager worldwide.

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