New beers for July / August

It has now been a month since we launched which means it is time for some new beers to be released!!!  From today we have 8 new beers to try which will automatically be going out to all subscribers in your next box.  They will also be the “new beers” in the Latest & Greatest cases which are also released today.

The new beers are:

COAST IPA (0.0%)

This beer was released by COAST earlier this month and is already one of my favourites ever.  It is 0.0% and from its light body and slight haze you’re expecting a sweet beer, but not so.  On the nose it is certainly very citrussy with lemon, line and melon in there, and it holds a great head too.    On the taste it holds some of that fruit but the overriding taste is bitterness from a load of hops.  An extremely well balanced beer, it is less sweet than the COAST Hazy IPA, but just as drinkable.  If you like the Big Drop Pine Trail or the COAST Hazy IPA from the Discovery Box you’ll love this too.

Infinite Session American Pale (<0.5%)

This is just a great all-round pale ale and any journey to discovering the best non-alcoholic beers would be incomplete without trying it.  It is super-smooth, being neither too sweet nor too bitter and is very similar to West Berkshire Brewery’s SOLO.  The only criticism might be its lack of head which it tends to lose a little quickly but it really is a beer you could drink all night.    What’s more, this is becoming more widely available so if you like this one, you might even be able to get it down the local soon!!

Big Drop Citra IPA (<0.5%)

Light, golden and clear.  On the nose it is nice and citrussy but doesn’t smell too sweet, which is a good thing.   On the taste you get an initial blast of citrus – again without the sweetness and then the hoppy bitterness finishes it off in a wonderfully balanced way.  If you loved the Pine Trial IPA from Big Drop, you’ll love this too.

St Peter’s Without Gold (0.0%)

Very much a different style to the Big Drop and COAST IPAs, this light, golden 0.0% beer packs more punch than it first looks.  Maltiness is the name of the game with St Peter’s Without beers and this has enough to create great flavours without overpowering it on either the nose or the palate.  It also has some good mouthfeel too and will suit more traditional ale drinkers more than most.

Ilkley Brewery Virgin Mary (0.5%)

Another one in a more traditional style, the Virgin Mary is one of the absolute best in its class.  It is extremely smooth and well balanced and a superb non-alcoholic version of a good old British beer.  If you like Adnams Ghost Ship, you’ll love this too.

Braxzz Orange IPA (0.2%)

This is a really unique beer and is pretty rare in the UK.  Braxzz is a specialist alcohol-free brewery in the Netherlands who have done some amazing beers to date.  We hope to feature their Porter in the coming months but in this warm weather we’ve included the Orange IPA.  It’s not the “light and refreshing” style you’d expect, but instead packs hops and wheat flavours and aromas on top of the orange.  Of the eight beers released it is probably the most likely to divide opinion.  It is a superb beer, and I personally love it, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think.


Nirvana Helles (0.3%)

This is a really great lager from specialist non-alcoholic brewery, Nirvana.  It is clear, crisp and light in colour and has superb balance which brings gorgeous biscuit flavours.  As with all our beers, it holds its own against other beers, whether full-strength or alcohol free.  Perfect for a lunchtime or drinking in the sun.


Infinite Session Pils (<0.5%) 

Rounding out our 8 new beers is the Infinite Session Pils which is another great, all-round lager and a big part of the Sobersauce story.  It has a little sweetness to it and lacks the aftertaste some lagers can suffer from.  A few months ago it was part of the first ever tasting case I sent to a friend when researching Sobersauce, who had the attitude of “what’s the point?” when I mentioned non-alcoholic beer.  That taster case, and this beer, not only converted the friend into a regular alcohol free beer drinker, but helped create Sobersauce into a reality.


Although subscribers, including those that sign-up now, will get priority on receiving the 8 new beers, a limited number are also available to buy on a one-off basis.  Check them out here.






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