New beers for October

It's that time again and we've got some great new beers in for October, including another blockbuster from COAST, our first German wheat beer, a new beer from Big Drop and a delicious porter for fans of darker beers.  Plus we are the first to stock a brand new lager from Days Brewing.  We hope you like them. 

COAST Single Hop Series - Idaho 7

COAST's Single Hop Series is extremely special.  After producing a series of great beers, they've upped the ante by producing alcohol-free with just a single hop variant.  The Idaho 7 is named after its home state and works amazingly well in hop-centric beers that COAST produce.  The aroma includes tropical fruits which follows on with the taste including mango and grapefruit.

If you're a COAST fan, or just a lover of hoppy beers, you'll love this.

Days Lager

We are the first to stock this in the world and tis fantastic addition to out stable of alcohol-free lagers.  Brewed in Scotland it has great packaging and pours a nice light, clean colour with light carbonation.  The taste is super smooth balancing a traditional lager taste with a slightly sweeter, fruity finish.  Unlike some others we've seen, it is a proper beer and one we love.

Days describe their beers as "beers for doing" which is a great strapline for 0.0% beers that taste so good.

Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale

Another cracker from Drop Bear, this Yuzu Pale Ale pours light golden and the aroma provides the hint of ginger that you'd expect.  The taste really hits you, though with the gingery taste at the start and a lovely bitterness remaining throughout the drink.  At 7.5 Calories per 100ml, I really don't know how these guys do it.  Low calorie, low sugar, Gluten Free and Vegan, all at the same time!  If healthy properties are you main goal and you want a smooth, rounded bitter pale ale, this is for you.


Nøgne Ø Stripped Craft 

Norway is producing some amazing alcohol-free beers and this is no exception.  The full title of the beer is Stripped Craft Lime Infused Ale and the after pouring light straw colour with a lasting head, the aroma of lime hits you immediately.  It's not offensive, though, and having had beers before that smelled of lime cordial this is sharp, freshly squeezed lime juice.  On the taste the lime remains but doesn't dominate as much; instead it blends into smooth ale that is just superbly refreshing.


Big Drop Fieldhopper Golden Ale

This brand new beer from Big Drop is a welcome addition in a difficult-to-do area of beers.  The golden ale pours a little darker than expected, perhaps veering toward amber.  The aroma is of the English countryside on a warm day, conjuring up scent of straw and bails of hay.  The taste is very earthy, with a more traditional style of bitterness.  Those that like Adnams Ghost Ship, Thornbridge Five Zero or Ilkley Virgin Mary will also like this beer.

Big Drop Off-Piste Hazelnut Porter

The breadth of Big Drop's range is simply stunning.  Other brands produce amazing beers but Big Drop do it across Ales, IPAs, Brown Ales, Stouts and, in this case a porter.  

Brewed with challenger hops this begins with extremely chocolately aroma which continues into the taste and then the hazelnut hits you.  It is a great partner in the range to the award-winning milk stout but has a little less bitterness to it.  A fantastic drink for anyone that likes dark beers.


 A giant of of the wheat beer world, Erdinger has been producing an alcohol-free (alkoholfrei) version for some time, which is great because they've been able to perfect it.  Th wheat beer really lends itself well to alcohol-free as the mouthfeel really translates across well.  Slightly sweeter than its alcoholic counterpart, this is a fantastic version and its isotonic properties are perfect for a post-workout drink.  Alternatively, its great for celebrating Oktoberfest (albeit belatedly!) or just enjoying a hearty German beer on a winter's evening.  


Infinite Session IPA

Another light golden, caramel colour with grapefruit and citrus aromas.  As with all of the Infinite Session range, this is a really easy drinking IPA and a little crisper than many variants in this category.  

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