The return of the lunchtime pint?

Zoom calls.  As someone who's rubbish at small talk, I've got to admit that I do quite like them.  There is seemingly less corporate-ness about people these days with that window into their lives often showing a more genuine side to them.  You get to see anything from the drawings on the wall that their kids have done through to what people are choosing to drink at lunchtime. 

If I have a Zoom call at lunchtime, besides messy bookshelves in the background, people notice that I always have a beer with me.  For those that don't know about Sobersauce I get the usual "it's a bit early isn't it?", but even amongst those that are our customers, many hadn't even thought about having one at lunchtime.  Yet for me, it's been one of the best things to emerge from lockdown.

When I cut out the booze it was the beer I missed not the alcohol and so finding fantastic alcohol-free craft beers has been a genuine miracle in my life.  Like many, I started having an alcohol-free beer when I was out with friends so it felt more "normal".  I then started having them at home on Friday and Saturday nights, or at BBQs.  Basically, I was back enjoying a beer on the occasions I used to enjoy a full-strength beer.  I then had one on a Friday lunchtime.  Habit had somehow told me "no!" before then and it did feel a bit weird, even a bit taboo, but I really, really enjoyed it.  I felt relaxed, it balanced with my food much better than a sugary soft drink, and of course I was extremely productive in the afternoon.

When I first started working in London the lunchtime pint was still a common thing.  Most of us would go for a boozy lunch at least a couple of Fridays a month and productivity was very low, if we make it back to the office at all.  Some even had a couple of pints every single day.   Understandably, those days have disappeared, but there was always something infinitely more satisfying about a lunchtime pint than a fizzy soft drink.  Of course with such great tasting alcohol-free beers available now, we can have the best of both worlds. 

Nowadays, I have a beer every lunchtime and I really couldn't go back.  It feels a real treat after a busy morning and yet when you think about it, it makes perfect sense to swap out soft drinks for alcohol-free beers.  With a better taste profile to accompany savoury food and less calories than many soft drinks, it is better for you as well as more enjoying.  Whether they have stopped drinking altogether, or just integrate alcohol-free beers with full-strength, more and more of our customers are saying the same.  So, if you haven't tried a non-alcoholic beer with your lunch yet, give it a go.  I promise you, it's a real treat.

What do you think?  When do you choose to drink your alcohol-free beers?  Would you have an alcohol-free beer on a Monday lunchtime?


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