Who is alcohol free beer for?

If you haven't already discovered the excellent Wet & Dry podcast, I highly recommend it.  It follows the journey of Geoff, who has decided to go without alcohol for a year, and his friend Matt, who sees no value in this exercise.  Not only has Matt not any non-alcoholic beers he really likes, he feels he's cheating on the beer industry and his other friend, the pub!

I was lucky enough to be invited on the podcast for Episode 14 to explain more about Sobersauce and what we're about whilst they opened our Discovery Box 'live' on the podcast.  We discussed a range of topics but most importantly, who alcohol free beer is for and what occasions it is great for.  It reinforced for me how Sobersauce is not just for the 'Geoffs' of this world - the relative newbies in terms of non-alcoholic beer - but the 'Matts' too.  Whether it's that lunchtime pint during a working day or the night out with mates when you've got a big meeting in the morning, great tasting non-alcoholic beer is a way to still enjoy a beer instead of reverting to soft drinks, or worse still, missing out on the occasion altogether. 

The question is, with such big claims, will Matt finally be converted to alcohol free beer?  Listen to the podcast to find out.


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