Are non-alcoholic beers healthy?

There are many claims that non-alcoholic / alcohol-free beer is good for you and 'healthy', but how?

Some aspects of this are pretty cut and dried.  Relative to full-strength beers the lack of alcohol is better for your body and they contain far fewer calories than many soft drinks do (see graphs for comparison).  At launch our Discovery Case officially classed as Low Calorie (no more than 20 KCal / 100ml) and Low Sugar (<2.5g / 100ml) and they will continue to be lower calorie than full-strengths beers.

The other concrete claim is that they rehydrate you after exercise.  Below 2% ABV, beers rehydrate you instead of dehydrating you so make a great post-workout drink and many are isotonic too.  Instead of a sugary soft drink, why not relax after sport with a really nice beer?  This is extremely common in Germany and I really hope availability at sporting venues will improve here in the UK to make it possible too.

Research has also claimed a number of other benefits including that alcohol-free beers are a great source of vitamins and minerals, help with breastfeeding, anxiety, sleep and even give you the same feeling that full-strength beer does.  It is fair to say that more research is needed for these claims to become conclusive.  For more information on these studies, check out the Beer & Health website, this Steady Drinker article or or this great blogpost from Richie Cowley.

Whatever the conclusions of the future research, I think we can all agree that relaxing with a great-tasting beer that doesn't get you drunk can be a great lifestyle benefit!

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