Adnams Sole Star | Non Alcoholic Amber Ale

Size: 500ml bottles

ABV: 0.5%

Calories: 13 KCal / 100ml

Carbs: 1.5g / 100ml

Sugar: 0.2g / 100ml

Best before: 

After the success of Ghost Ship, where Adnams took an existing 4.5% beer and created a 0.5% version, they've now done it again.  Sole Star began life as a 2.7% ABV beer before being brewed at 0.9% until recently.  After its popularity, they have now tweaked it down to 0.5%.  

Sole Star pours clear and a deep amber, verging on ruby colour.  The aroma is excellent with floral notes, a hint of caramel and citrus in it.  The taste is mild and certainly on the traditional end of the alcohol-free pale ale market.  Plus, at 500ml, this is one of the vest value Pale Ales we sell.