Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn | Non Alcoholic Pale Ale

Size: 355ml cans

ABV: <0.5%

IBU: 15

Calories:14 KCal / 100ml

Sugar:1.4g / 100ml

Country: USA 🇺🇸

Other: Vegan


Athletic have taken the US by storm, winning awards for the quality of their beer and endorsements left, right and centre.  The have finally landed here in the UK, initially with two of their core range: Run Wild IPA and this delicious Golden Ale called Upside Dawn.

Upside Dawn is brewed with a combination of traditional English hops and some US varietals.  The result is a clear, refreshing and light bodied ale.  It is very reminiscent of Mikkeller Drink'In the Sun, Beavertown Lazer Crush or COAST IPA and you'll want to guzzle this in the sun just as much.  Plus, its vegan, low calorie and low sugar to boot.