Big Drop Fläderlätt | Non Alcoholic IPA

After a successful collab series last year, Big Drop are at it again in 2021, this time with Nordic Breweries.  They've teamed up with Amundsen, Einstök, Hop Notch and Fat Lizard to bring us some unique styles and interesting flavours.



Fläderlatt Elderflower IPA, Big Drop x Hop Notch (0.5%)

Brewed with Hop Notch from Sweden, this Elderflower IPA pours a light straw colour and almost clear and carries a certain amount of mustiness on the nose - certainly unique.  TAs quite a few alcohol-free beers are sweet, we were expecting sweetness akin to elderflower cordial but this beer didn't have that.  Instead, the taste is refreshing with a lovely bitterness at the end and it really grew on us as we finished the can.


Calories:  15 KCal / 100ml

Sugar: 1.7g / 100ml