Mikkeller Weird Weather | Non Alcoholic IPA

We think this is the absolute daddy of non-alcoholic beers and we are delighted to share it with you.  In many ways it defies logic and its balance its utterly amazing.  Billed as a NEIPA (New England IPA) it is certainly hazy but doesn't have the density of opaqueness that the full strength version does.  We think this is a good thing - in alcohol-free beers this can turn them into a fruit juice.

Instead, this beer is floral, bitter and grassy and oozes quality.  It is an absolute guzzler and is one of those beers that everyone likes.


Size: 330ml cans

ABV: 0.3%

Calories: 13 KCal / 100ml

Sugar: 0.1g / 100ml

Country: Denmark 🇩🇰