Wiper & True Fresh Start | Non Alcoholic Gose

Size:440ml cans

ABV: 0.5%

Calories: 15 KCal / 100ml

Country: Yorkshire

Other: Vegan

What they say:  We've used ingredients at the height of their seasonal best to create a low-alcohol (but High flavour!) Gose. Something that is a real thirst quencher,  and perfect for the month(s) aheadBrewed with blood orange and mandarin with added colour from hibiscus and beetroot powder. These combine to create a beer that is sharp, spritzy and refreshing AF - evoking that fresh start feeling to the year.


What we say:  This is a lovely gose from Wiper & True and Magic Rock.  It pours a beautiful blood orange colour and the grapefruit comes through more on the nose before the mandarin setps up a gear in taste.  It's not the sourest we've had and its not especially sweet either - great as a low calorie option that isn't going to make your eye twitch!