Hoppy Craft Mix Case (12 beers)

If you're a beer lover and just want as much hops as you can get, this is the case for you.  It includes a ton of dry hopping, DDH beers and single hop varieties too.  Enjoy! 


Case include one each of (as at 10/5/22)

Northern Monk Holy Faith Pale Ale (0.5%)

BRULO 7 Grain 7 Hop DDH IPA (0.0%)

Lervig No Worries Pale Ale (0.5%)

Vandestreek - Playground IPA (0.5%)

Northern Monk Welcome Skate (0.5%)

Beavertown Lazer Crush IPA (0.3%)

Thornbridge Early Bird IPA (0.5%)

Ridgeside Light & Sound IPA (0.5%)

Maryensztadt Freeky American Pale Ale (0.5%)

Jump/Ship - Goosewing IPA (0.5%)

Vandestreek Fun House NEIPA (0.5%)

Lowtide West Coast Hop Lock IPA (0.5%)

Please note that from time to time we may need to substitute components beers.