Frequently Asked Questions

 Do non-alcoholic beers contain any alcohol?

Some do, some don't.  All are 0.5% ABV and below, a level which it is impossible to get drunk on and which is similar to many foodstuffs such as ripe bananas and orange juice.  Yes, you read that right!

Is it safe to drink non-alcoholic beers if I'm pregnant?

This is a personal choice after consulting your GP.  The beers contain up to 0.5% ABV.

When will I receive my beers?

See our Delivery page

Which beers are in each box?

We always put this in the product description and send an email about them when they go live.  Make sure you opt into receiving marketing emails to ensure you get them.   Each Discovery Box will contain a mixture of lagers and ales.  If there is enough demand in the future we may look to do Lager-only or Ale-only Discovery Boxes or Programmes.  Please email us at if this is something you'd like to see.

Do I have to commit to a subscription?

Not at all.  You are welcome to buy a single discovery box but our offers generally only apply to subscriptions or pre-paid discovery programmes.  Subscribers will be given priority if we have limited stock of any new beers.  Remember you can cancel your subscription at any time - providing you give sufficient notice - so you are not tied into a minimum number of boxes or months.

What are the sugar levels in the beers?

We aim to make our taster and discovery boxes "low in sugar" which means 2.5g / 100ml or less.  All UK-produced beers of 0.5% ABV and below are required to have nutritional information and ingredients on them so in the vast majority of cases this will be on the bottles.  As we source from outside the UK too, not all products have this information on.  If you are in doubt, please email us at and we'll try our very best to get you any missing information.

Are the beers Vegan or Gluten Free?

Some of the beers are gluten free and some are vegan.  However, due to the different techniques for making the beers there aren't enough to justify a dedicated discovery programme for this.  We may look to do some mix cases in the future.

Why are your beers no cheaper than those from full-strength providers?

They are!  Our beers are craft beers and they are most certainly cheaper than their full-strength equivalents.  A myth also exists that non-alcoholic beer should be much cheaper than full-strength equivalent due to the lack of duty.  However, most non-alcoholic beers are made by brewing a full-strength beer and taking the alcohol out, so they go through all of the same process a full strength beer does.....and then some more afterwards.  Check out our blog for more details on this.   

Are these beers suitable for recovering alcoholics?

That is a personal decision.  Some find them a great way to remain sober as the beers give them a similar experience, but without the alcohol.  For others, however, it can be a trigger and should be avoided.

Where are the best beers from?

The UK makes some amazing non-alcoholic beers and the majority of the beers in your initial discovery case comes from the UK.  After that there are some amazing non-alcoholic beers all across northern Europe, including Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You'll find more details in our Ts&Cs but please email to get in touch.