3 Month Prepaid Latest Beers Subscription (3x 8 beers)

3 Month Prepaid Latest Beers Subscription (3x 8 beers)

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Prepaid subscription for alcohol-free craft beers each month.  Each month receive the latest and best-tasting alcohol-free beers on the market. 

Just pay a one off fee, sit back and enjoy your beers when they arrive each month, along with tasting notes.


First case includes the following beers:


Athletic Brewing - Upside Dawn (Golden Ale, 0.5%)

Athletic Brewing - Run Wild (IPA, 0.5%)

Mash Gang - Spiritual Journey (DDH Pale, 0.5%)

Lowtide Brewco - Gose on a Forage (Gose, 0.5%)

Pohjala - Prenzlauer (Berliner Weisse, 0.5%)

Rok Soba - Voyager (IPA, 0.5%)

Rok Soba - 777 Lucky (Tripel, 0.5%)

Mash Gang - I am Death Destroyer of Worlds (IPA, 0.5%)



Terms & Conditions 

Note that a £4.99 delivery charge will be applied to this order for the first month's delivery charge.  Due to a quirk in our system we cant get it to dis-apply this so it has been factored into the pricing but you will only be charged this once.  Savings quoted reflect the entire cost (including delivery).

Please note that very occasionally we may need to substitute beers if they are unexpectedly out of stock.  We will keep this to a minimum and will update the list of beers in such cases as soon as possible.