Big Drop World Collab #2 (4x 440ml cans)
Big Drop World Collab #2 (4x 440ml cans)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Big Drop World Collab #2 (4x 440ml cans)

Big Drop World Collab #2 (4x 440ml cans)

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After a successful collab series last year, Big Drop are at it again in 2021, this time with Nordic Breweries.  They've teamed up with Amundsen, Einstök, Hop Notch and Fat Lizard to bring us some unique styles and interesting flavours.

The box contains one of each beer, all of which come in 440ml cans.  The full list is below.


Rush Ridge Pastry Sour, Big Drop x Amundsen (0.5%)

Brewed in collab with Amundsen in Norway this is a unique style in the alcohol-free world and its great to see the experimentation.  It pours crystal clear with a light ruby colour, perhaps even like a rosé from the wine world.  Both the nose and taste are really fruity with plenty of strawberry and raspberry in there and a slight, but not overbearing sourness at the end.  Remarkably it is perhaps the lowest calorie beer we've ever had!

Calories:  6 KCal / 100ml

Sugar: 0.3g / 100ml


Arctic Beach Coconut Stout, Big Drop x Einstök (0.5%)

This collab with Einstök from Iceland pours nice and thick, extremely dark and retains a good head.  The coconut / chocolate combination on the nose is perfectly blended and sumptuous and makes you want to just dive straight in.  The taste doesn't let it down either and it disappeared in no time when we drank it.  We'd say this could arguably be Big Drop's best ever stout, it's that good.

Calories: 24 KCal / 100ml

Sugar: 2.8g / 100ml


Rye'd Said Fred Juniper Rye IPA, Big Drop x Fat Lizard (0.5%)

First thing is first, what an amazing name!  The beer itself, brewed in collab with Fat Lizard from Finland is another new style for alcohol-free - a Rye IPA - and it's a very welcome addition.  It pours a dark amber and its brilliantly balanced with a lovely bitterness at the end.  In many ways it reminds us of Big Drop's Fieldhopper but it is that bit better.

Calories:  20 KCal / 100ml

Sugar: 1.9g / 100ml


Fläderlatt Elderflower IPA, Big Drop x Hop Notch (0.5%)

Brewed with Hop Notch from Sweden, this Elderflower IPA pours a light straw colour and almost clear and carries a certain amount of mustiness on the nose - certainly unique.  TAs quite a few alcohol-free beers are sweet, we were expecting sweetness akin to elderflower cordial but this beer didn't have that.  Instead, the taste is refreshing with a lovely bitterness at the end and it really grew on us as we finished the can.


Calories:  15 KCal / 100ml

Sugar: 1.7g / 100ml