Latest Beers Subscription (8 beers) - up to 25% off

Latest Beers Subscription (8 beers) - up to 25% off

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First-time subscribers can get 25% off their first box.  Use LATEST25OFF8 at checkout. 

 Subscription for alcohol-free craft beers each month.  Each month receive the latest and best tasting alcohol-free beers on the market.   No tie-ins: pause of cancel your subscription at any time (see Ts&Cs).


Box of 8 beers from 5 June to 4 July


Case includes the following beers:

Athletic Brewing - Upside Dawn (Golden Ale, 0.5%)

Athletic Brewing - Run Wild (IPA, 0.5%)

Mash Gang - Spiritual Journey (DDH Pale, 0.5%)

Lowtide Brewco - Gose on a Forage (Gose, 0.5%)

Pohjala - Prenzlauer (Berliner Weisse, 0.5%)

Rok Soba - Voyager (IPA, 0.5%)

Rok Soba - 777 Lucky (Tripel, 0.5%)

Mash Gang - I am Death Destroyer of Worlds (IPA, 0.5%)



Please note that very occasionally we may need to substitute beers if they are unexpectedly out of stock.  We will keep this to a minimum and will update the list of beers in such cases as soon as possible.