Latest Beers Box (8 or 12 beers)

Latest Beers Box (8 or 12 beers)

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Box of 8 beers for the 30 days from 7 April


Case includes the following beers:


Vandestreek Grapefruit IPA

Vandestreek Fun House NEIPA

Lowtide DIPA Toe In (440ml)

Röthaus Pils*

Röthaus Hefeweizen*

Sam's Brown Ale*

Magic Rock Freeride Pale Ale*

Jump/Ship Flying Colours Pale Ale



* The 12-beer variant of this product will contain 2x of these beers


Please note that very occasionally we may need to substitute beers if they are unexpectedly out of stock.  We will keep this to a minimum and will update the list of beers in such cases as soon as possible.