Lowtide Brune DMC (440ml) | Non Alcoholic Brune

Size: 440ml can

ABV: 0.5%


Lowtide have made such a good start to their time brewing non-alcoholic beer, not only because they produce them in the popular 440ml cans, but also because of the great taste and sheer range of beers they produce.  Brune-DMC is a French-style Brune and the first non-alcoholic version we are aware of.  It is also spot on.  

It pours dark amber or copper colour - like an old school real ale or best bitter - and has lovely caramel aromas to it.  The taste is complex with those caramel flavours coming through and a little, but not too much, sweetness to boot.  Although inspired by the French Brune, we find those that like best bitters, a style where there's an absence of great alcohol-free versions, particularly liked it.

Plus it has a QR code on the side for a Spotify playlist - an ode to it's title's play on words from the 90s band (Run DMC - geddit?)