Mash Gang Unlucky Charms | Non Alcoholic Pale Ale

Size: 440ml cans

ABV: 0.5%

Hops: HBC 630, Cashmere, El Dorado

What they say: A hazy pale ale like no other, highly experimental, sweet and strange like drinking fizzy cereal milk.  We take an outrageously thick cream base, with no bittering hops, slam in some vanilla, Dry hop with Experimental hop HBC630 which is complex and fruit, with sweet fruits and berries like raspberry and cherry, along with sweet candy-like esters and lactones giving creamy notes of peach and banana.  Then, condition on: food loops, iced gems, rainbow drops.  Still totally VEGAN as we managed to avoid lactose and gelatine.  Yay.

What we say: 

Mash Gang are really pushing the boundaries of what is possible (and acceptable) in alcohol-free beer.  This sort of craziness is on the edge of the craft beer scene, and if you're going to do it, you've got to do it extremely well.  Mash Gang do, and in spades.  Before we get to how this drinks, let us assure you that despite the ingredients list this is an excllenent pale ale under the body.

Unlucky Charms pours a pear colour with a moderate haze and head.  The aroma is very sweet, almost Lilt-like with hints of vanilla.  It's neither overbearing nor unpleasant.  The taste is much more beery and the starts with a typical pale ale taste before giving way to a candy-like middle and some bitterness at the end, making you just ready enough for another glug.

In the end it isn't that sweet and is an exceptional pale ale with a crazy label and ingredients bill.  It's closest comparitor, for us, is Lervig Pineapple but this is less sweet, more subtle and more complex (and better!)