Northern Monk Welcome Skate | Non Alcoholic IPA

Brewed as a pair (there’s an alc version) as part or the Northern Monk Patrons Project, this is IPA is in collaboration with Leeds skate store, Welcome. It pours very hazy and pear coloured and although the head doesn’t last long, the body is beefed up with oats. The aroma is citrus and piney and you sense an immediate dankness to the beer. It is stacked with hops and the piney, dankness stands out, offset wit( a touch of tangerine. It reminds us of a more complex version of Lervig No Worries, Pohjala Tundra or, dare we say it, the unbelievably good Hazy IPA from Funky Fluid. If you’re a hop head you love this, especially whilst it is fresh.

Size: 440ml cans

ABV: 0.5%

Country: God's country 😉

What they say: Brewed with El Dorado for the sweet tangerine flavour to play into the sticky Munich malt, and the big pithy citrus, dank herbal flavour of Amarillo. Zappa rounds out the top notes with some fruit sherbet and a touch of mint basil.

Brewed with Munich malt for
a nice deep colour and sticky sweetness, alongside Rye for some earthy spice. Wheat and Oats in the base help give it a pillowy-soft mouthfeel.