Sobersauce Beer Club (12 beers every 2 months)

How it Works

Every 2 months we bring you 12 of the best new non-alcoholic beers on the market.  We only select the very best - we have the UK's highest rated range - and we never repeat a beer or go through the 'back catalogue' as we focus all our buying on this box.

When you order we'll get the first box sent out to you within a couple of days and your order date will become your Beer Club Day so you don't have to wait nearly a month if you've missed the cut-off.  After that we'll send you the next box in 2 months time, but don't worry, its completely flexible and you can cancel at any time with just 2 days notice if you need to.  What's more, your subscription works like a delivery slot so you can add on extra beers via our dedicated customer portal.  If you have any questions before sign-up, email us at

If you prefer a one-off case of these beers, try this mixed case instead


This month's beers (Apr / May 2022):

Mash Gang x Ridgeside - Nothing But the Snow Cold IPA  (440ml, IPA, 0.5%)

Good Karma - Decent Vibes (440ml, IPA, 0.5%)

One Mile End - Engage Fuzz Pedal (440ml, Pale Ale, 0.5%)

Good Karma x No Frills Joe - Hippy Joe (330ml, Pale Ale, 0.5%)

Meraki Brewing - This is a Thirst Trap (440ml, Pale Ale, 0.3%)

Tempest - Sleight of Hand (440ml, Sour Pale Ale, 0.5%)

TOAST Lager (330ml, Lager, 0.5%)

Only With Love - Juicy AF (440ml, Pale Ale, 0.5%)

To Ol Implosion 0.0 (330ml, Pale Ale, 0.0%)

Purity Brewing - Point Five (330ml, Pale Ale, 0.5%)

BRULO Dry Hopped Stout (330ml, Sour, 0.0%)

Kaiserdom Lemon (440ml, Radler, 0.0%)



Please note that very occasionally we may need to substitute beers if they are unexpectedly out of stock.  We will keep this to a minimum and will update the list of beers in such cases as soon as possible.