Tasting Box (8 non-alcoholic beers) - £7.99 with offer

Tasting Box (8 non-alcoholic beers) - £7.99 with offer

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A mixture of 8 of the best alcohol free beers that exist.  Includes a mixture of lagers, pale ales and medium-bodied ales, perfect if you are new to alcohol-free beers.  It let's you try some of the slightly more widely available beers - that you might even pick up in supermarkets or even at the pub - as well as some that you won't.


Current contents (as at 1/4/21):

Vandestreek Playground IPA

Big Drop Citra Paradiso IPA

Drop Bear Yuzu IPA

Lucky Saint Lager

Nirvana Helles Lager

Ilkley Virgin Mary Pale Ale

Infinite Session Pale Ale

Adnams Ghost Ship Pale Ale