To Øl Implosion 0.0 | Non Alcoholic Pale Ale

Implosion is an extremely refreshing, citrusy beer.  Lemon coloured and hazy it is extremely easy to drink and one of those that I hear everyone raving about, whether they drink full strength beer or not.  This is an absolute must if you haven't tried it before.  It's sister beer was extremely popular but not they've produced this 0.0% version and it is just as good!

Size: 330ml cans

ABV: 0.0%

Calories: 23 KCal / 100ml

Sugar: 3.4g / 100ml

Country: Denmark 🇩🇰

What they say: The project has been undergoing for quite some time now, and together with Chr. Hansen, our beloved collaborator and yeast developer, we finally got it just right.  

As this has been built on top of our already approved Implosion (0,3% ABV), we decided to see if we could mimic that in a 0,0% version - so the two beers are as close as it gets, with the sole purpose of being similar.